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In yesterday’s episode I explained the difference between a Fixed and a Growth Mindset.  In today’s episode I bare all and reveal why I think I have a fixed mindset.  It’s not pretty; I’m embarrassed to admit it… but there’s no denying it!

Episode Show Notes

00:18 – An update on why I’m looking at Fixed and Growth Mindsets.

00:49 – How I was first introduced to the Growth Mindset.

01:38 – I started to notice I had Fixed Mindset tendencies.

01:54 – Why I was completely and utterly surprised I had a Fixed Mindset.

02:48 – How I know I have a Fixed Mindset.

03:17 – How I deal with challenges – I avoid them.

03:47 – I tend to give up when I am faced with obstacles.

04:20 – I am happy to work very hard and put in lots of effort – but not if it takes me out of my comfort zone.

05:07 – I will do everything to avoid criticism which means I have developed an unhealthy perfectionism streak.

05:50 – I thought I celebrated others success and generally I do unless their success is related to things that I aspire to or should be doing myself… then I am embarrassed to admit I can be occasionally resentful!

06:41 – Where I think my Fixed Mindset comes from – it has its roots in my childhood (Thanks Mom!).

07:34 – How my Fixed Mindset manifests itself today.

09:01 – I have managed to achieve things worthy of note in my time but have found I have endured the struggled rather than enjoyed the growth and development.

10:19 – My “Driving with the handbrake on” Analogy for a Fixed Mindset.

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