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After declaring yesterday that I was going to focus on the development of a Growth Mindset, this episode introduces the concept and explains the difference between it and a Fixed Mindset.  

It draws on the work of Carol Dweck (author of “Mindset”) together with my own experiences of sharing the principles in the leadership development space.

Episode Show Notes

00:33 – Carol Dweck is the pioneer in Growth Mindset and has written the million best seller “Mindset“.

01:23 – A great place to start understanding the Growth Mindset is Carol Dweck’s TED Talk

01:47 – Carol was inspired by the concept of “Not Yet”.

02:30 – Her early research was with kids where she gave them touch and challenging problems to solve and monitored their response.

02:50 – Two groups of kids emerged – those with a Growth Mindset who relished the challenge and those with a Fixed Mindset who felt threatened by the challenge.

03:46 – Brain scans showed that Growth Mindset kids’ brains lit up when faced with the prospect of a challenge.

04:51 – Carol Dweck shares research that shows kids who are rewarded for effort perform better than those purely rewarded for results.

05:51 – My friend Steve Marriott has a brilliant ice-berg model that demonstrates the importance of rewarding effort rather than results (which come because of the effort).

07:05 – One plant manager scrapped all his production targets and focused on rewarding the behaviours that contributed to those targets – production went up!

07:53 – How I explain the difference between Fixed and Growth Mindsets when I am running a leadership seminar.

11:08 – The importance of a Growth Mindset to developing your productivity skills.

13:08 – Why I was shocked to discover I had a Fixed Mindset.

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