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In This Episode…

In this episode I explore how you can increase your efficiency by the use of documented processes and procedures.  I share how I used them to manage the operation and maintenance of a submarine weapon system, a leadership academy in the nuclear industry and how I now use them to produce and publish this podcast.

Episode Show Notes

00:08 – In episode 018 I introduced the Pyramid Of Personal Productivity.

00:42 – This episode is going to share an example of how I operate in the Efficient band.

01:13 – I have a background in Systems Engineering in the Submarine environment and so am schooled in the use of processes and procedures.

04:47 – I ran a leadership academy in the nuclear industry where processes and procedures kept a complicated system running smoothly without very few if any errors.

05:16 – The advantages of using documented processes and procedures.

06:29 – I use a documented process to put together each episode of this podcast.

06:59 – How I put the process together.

08:15 – How I use the process every time I create a new podcast episode.

09:49 – How the processes created efficiency in running the leadership academy.

11:12 – The mayhem that occurs in exactly the same environment when documented processes and procedures are not used.

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