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In yesterday’s episode, I highlighted I’d not been following through on my micro-commitments of improvements to the way I have been working.   I realised it was an important thing to address and so in this episode I look at:

  • The Importance of micro-commitments to success AND failure.
  • Examples of the micro-commitments I have made but have not followed through with.
  • The impact that not following through has (and it’s not just the obvious).
  • Potential reasons why I might not be following through.
  • The most important next step I have identified that will help me address all of the above.

Episode Show Notes

00:07 – In yesterdays episode I identified how I was not following through on my micro-commitments.

00:44 – The importance to success (or failure) of keeping (or not) your micro-commitments.

01:52 – A list of the small commitments I have made to myself but have not followed through on.

  • There’s a list of things on my to-do list I keep deferring.
  • Not writing in my journal every day.
  • Not reflecting every day to identify what worked and what I could do even better tomorrow.
  • Not visualising the successful completion of my goals every day.

04:37 – The impact of not following through.

  • The long term detrimental effect on my progress through the accumulation of successive inaction.
  • I’m creating and reinforcing the identity of someone who doesn’t follow through on commitments.
  • On an integrity level, I am routinely breaking promises to myself.

06:51 – Why I think I am not following through.

  • Procrastination is part of the human condition and I am letting myself fall victim to that.
  • I lack clarity in exactly what the specific behaviours are that I want to follow through on.
  • My commitment muscles are weak.
  • I don’t have a proper system for identifying, introducing and reinforcing new behaviours to ensure continuous improvement.
  • My lack of clear goals and fixed mindset identified last week are probably contributing to this.
  • I am trying to make too many changes at once.
  • I am probably making knee jerk changes and reacting to one off issues instead of identifying trends and being more proactive in my response.

12:15 – I am going to get back into journalling more effectively as a starting point for moving forward.

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