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Here’s what happens when you leave things to the very last minute. After a good productive day where I was focused and on task, I let myself down by leaving my podcast to the very last minute

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The Problems Of Leaving Things To The Last Minute

Today I had a great day but left doing the podcast right to the very end of the day.

Now this wasn’t about procrastination. It was more about bad planning.

It doesn’t matter what the cause of leaving it to the very end of the day is, there are consequences.

I’m tired, I just want to get it over and done with.

And as a consequence the episode is ill conceived and has a high potential for being poorly delivered.

Only you can be the judge of that.

However let’s not be too hard on myself.

I’ve had a really good day getting things done that included progress on two major goals, good quality meetings and a host of other things too.

So perhaps I should be a little easier on myself.

Or maybe I should follow my system and start thinking about the day’s episode from the moment I wake up…which is what my system says I’m supposed to do.

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