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In This Episode…

In today’s episode I share my first attempt at applying the brain friendly goal setting technique I shared with you yesterday. ¬†Unfortunately it didn’t go as well as I would have liked but I learnt a tremendous amount from the experience. ¬†

However I do share a rather spooky story around the setting my goals that either proves there is something to manifestation or it is a ridiculous example of an amazing coincidence.

Episode Show Notes

00:07 – In yesterday’s episode I talked about a Brain Friendly Goal Setting Technique. Today’s episode is about how I tried the process for the first time.

00:47 – A reminder of the four brain friendly processes at work when you use this technique (these are explained in more detail in yesterday’s episode). In summary they are:

  • Setting a clear goal with a vivid mental image of its achievement
  • Your blood pressure rises and your motor cortex is stimulated for action
  • When you imagine the goal vividly enough, your parietal lobe can’t tell the difference between a real or a vividly imagined event.
  • Your brain will trigger the release of dopamine in anticipation of the reward you will get as a result of achieving your goal.

02:49 – A review of the pitfalls of goal setting – where most people make the mistakes that get in the way of them achieving their goals:

  • Don’t have a clear enough mental image of what success looks like
  • The goal is not written down.
  • The goal lacks emotional value.
  • The goal is either too big (and therefore overwhelming) or it is too small (and therefore insufficient motivation to act)

03:11 – After recording yesterday’s podcast episode about goal setting, I took myself off to a cafe in town with some paper and coloured pens and started writing.

03:31 – I started with my personal philosophy and then moved on to my business mission.

05:04 – I used this process on just one aspect of my life – my business activities. This boiled down to just three components:

  • This podcast and blog
  • My productivity seminar
  • A keynote on productivity

05:40 – When I looked at my goals, I realised I was guilty of the first pitfall – they lacked detail and clarity.

07:33 – At least I had written the goals down.

07:38 – When looking at the emotional value the goals had for me, I answered the following 6 questions:

  1. Why must I achieve this?
  2. What will I gain?
  3. What are the consequences of not achieving this?
  4. How will I feel when I achieve this?
  5. How will I feel if I don’t achieve this?
  6. Who will benefit?

08:06 – writing the answers to these questions did make me feel more empowered. However, as the goals were not defined completely, I felt there was something “missing” from the emotional attachment to them.

08:44 – Having set the goals, I was surprised to experience thoughts and feelings associated with a fixed mindset!

10:01 – Here’s quite an amazing story of coincidence related to the setting of my goals.

14:58 – My next step is to revisit the framework I have created for my goals and start adding texture to them.

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