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In This Episode…

In this look back over the last 7 days of the Productivity Podcast I share some of the key insights I have gleaned from another week of developing my own personal effectiveness.  These include:

  • Being aware of my results versus my intentions identified a worrying trend in my behaviour.
  • Refocusing on being focused worked really well for me.
  • The Pyramid of Personal Productivity – The difference between efficient and effective and where they sit on the pyramid
  • The importance of shutting out distractions
  • How my new system for updating my receipts is working.
  • The latest results from my third week of tracking my time (good news all round and an impressive improvement)

Episode Show Notes

00:15 In Monday’s episode – 016 I’ve Spotted An Alarming Trend In How My Days Are Going “Wrong”! – I realised I was getting distracted from my intended daily plan quite easily.

00:55 – On Tuesday I managed to recover from Monday’s distraction problem, but let myself down by not following my normal morning routine. (017 A Day Of Double Standards – Significant Progress On A Major Task But I Let Myself Down Elsewhere)

01:43 – 018 The Difference Between Effective And Efficient – Introducing the Pyramid Of Personal Productivity was Wednesday’s episode. I have realised making this distinction is critical to my own productivity and so share my thoughts on this topic.

03:13 – On Thursday in the episode called 019 Focus On Your Prime Task And Shut Out Distractions I shared my experience of how I shut out a distraction to stay focused. I also explain why it was my fault the distraction existed in the first place! Doh!

04:26 – On Friday I gave an update on how I am getting on with my receipts. It seems silly now to talk about it. With the benefit of hindsight I wonder why I never saw it before! (020 An Update On How I Am Getting On With My Receipts)

04:53 – 021 Week 3 Of Tracking My Time – Some Impressive Progress Is Being Made – I was very pleased to see just how much progress I have made this week. And all I have done is become more aware of how I am using my time.

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