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Spring forward and Fall back is how to remember what the clocks do when they change as they did last night. And because it is October, we gained an extra hour in bed.

In this episode I share how that threw me this morning.

Episode Show Notes…

Time Is A Funny Old Thing

I’ve spoken about time before on this podcast. Just a few episodes I talked about Not All Hours Are Made Equal. Then there was the Brief History Of Time episode.

Well today I want to talk about how the clocks going back overnight threw me.

Let me remind you of my morning routine. Before you roll your eyes and think “oh no….not his bloody morning routine again” I’m only going to mention I get up at 05:20 every morning… even on a Sunday.

It suits me. I am a morning person and a person of routine, especially when that routine sets me up really well for the day.

Even on a Sunday I get up at 05:20.

Now to compensate I am experimenting with trying to get to sleep by 10.30pm every night so that I get about 7 hours of quality sleep. I am finding that really helps.

Now this morning, I woke up at 4:40am according to my Garmin watch. So I went to the bathroom and got back into bed and thought I’d snooze until the alarm – yes the one set for 5:20am.

And yes I know it is Sunday…

I use my iPhone for my alarm and it sits on a small coffee table in the hall outside my bedroom door. When it goes off I stumble out of bed, grope for the bedroom door and then fumble around to find the phone and switch it off.

So this morning I waited for that to go off and just snoozed in anticipation.

After years of snoozing waiting to get up, especially from the time when I was in the Navy at sea waiting to be shaken to go on watch, you get a good feel for the passage of time.

Even though I was snoozing, it felt like I’d missed something. It felt like I was there longer than I should have been.

So I checked my Garmin watch – it said 5:20am.

Strange I thought.

Why hasn’t my iPhone gone off.

So I got up, groped for the bedroom door and then fumbled around for the iPhone. It was harder to find than usual because it wasn’t flashing with an alarm going off.

I found it, and when the screen lit up it showed 4:20am.


Why does it say that when my Garmin Watch says 5:20am?

Remember it was 4:20am or is it 5:20 am in the morning!

It threw me completely.

And then I remembered….

Daylight saving time…Spring Forward, Fall Back – the clocks went back last night.

It was 4:20am new time…but my body clock and my Garmin Watch was still on 5:20am old time.

Now the old me would have stayed up and started my routine on time (yesterday’s time) but an hour early (today’s time)….


I’m also experimenting with taking things a bit easier and giving myself some slack.

So I went back under the duvet, chilled and snoozed, snoozed and chilled…until the 5:20am alarm went off…

And then it was back to Groundhog Day.

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