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It’s the weekend….again. They seem to come around every 7 days or so and interrupt my pattern of work! This weekend I’m spending it with my partner. So I’m not working as much as I usually would. I wouldn’t say I’m getting withdrawal symptoms, but I have noticed something about time.

Episode Show Notes…

Time Speeds Up And Slows Down – But Not When You Want It To

This morning I noticed something quite unusual about time. It speeds up and it slows down.

Part of my morning routine consists of press-ups and the plank. I do 30 press-ups and then hold the plank for 60 seconds. After a 90 second break I repeat that 3 more times. In total I do 120 press-ups and spend about 4 minutes in the plank.

I use the stop watch on my iPhone – the chronoscope display not the digital display – to time each segment…

…and today I noticed the speed of the chronometer hand slows down when I am holding the plank… and then accelerates when I am taking the break… spooky!

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