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In a recent episode I shared the method I use to break through procrastination and overwhelm when I want to get on with a meaty project.

Well yesterday I watched a keynote speech given by a US Navy SEAL and it was interesting to see hear about how they approach the infamous “Hell Week”.

In this episode I share my thoughts on how some of their foundational principles apply to personal productivity.

Episode Show Notes…

00:16 – I am a huge admirer of the US Navy SEALs for these reasons:

  • They’re Navy (I’m an ex Royal Navy Submariner)
  • Their history and achievements
  • The pedigree and quality of their operators
  • Their philosophy and approach

01:28 – These are highly skilled and highly drilled operators whose approach is underpinned by some simple fundamentals.

01:40 – I have read a lot about the US Navy SEALS. Partly out of boyhood curiosity for “the men with green faces” and partly out of respect for warriors like these and like the ones I briefly encountered in my own career.

02:14 – Consistent across all the books I have read about these highly trained operators is the story of making it through “Hell Week”. This is part of their training to qualify as a SEAL.

02:40 – Whilst there is a need for mental and physical fitness and toughness, there are also a number of simple principles that help these young men through this difficult time.

02:55 – These include “focus on your 3 foot world” and “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”.

03:13 – However one approach stands out consistently in all of the accounts I have read. And that is focusing on the next step. Many of the authors talk about just getting through to the next meal.

03:38 – So what they do is focus on the next thing and then move on.

04:07 – I’m a little embarrassed to make this connection with the US Navy SEALS but it does tie in very neatly with my approach of breaking down projects, sequencing the tasks and then doing the first one. Then rinse and repeat.

04:30 – So whilst the context is different the fundamental principle (a universal truth) is the same.

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