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In This Episode…

After deciding yesterday I was going to focus on improving my energy levels, I thought I’d take the opportunity in this episode to do the following:

  • Give my thoughts on what I perceive each energy type to be about.
  • Do a quick audit on where I think I am with each energy type before I start exploring how to improve them.

Episode Show Notes…

00:12 – Background to this episode. After deciding yesterday I would investigate how to improve my levels of energy, I thought I’d take today’s episode to:

  • Explain what I thought each of the four energy types represented.
  • Do a rough audit on where I think I am with each energy type right now.

01:14 – Physical energy – I think things are pretty good for me in this department right now, though they could always be better.

03:13 – Mental energy – probably the energy type I am most concerned about.

04:48 – Emotional energy – this is probably the one I am most dysfunctional in. I often let my emotions control my actions more than I’d like to admit.

06:25 – Spiritual energy – this is the one I know least about and am perhaps weakest in.

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