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In today’s episode I deepen my exploration into Stephen Covey’s concept of “The Main Thing” by looking at the role values play in what we decide to do with our time.  Specifically I look at:

  • A reminder of my progress so far in exploring the concept of the main thing.
  • Understanding why it is important we take back control of our focus from the many distractions competing for our attention.
  • A definition of values.
  • How values inform our behaviour.

Episode Show Notes

00:28 – This week I have been looking at the following aspects of our being to explore ways to make even better decisions about what to do with our time:

  • The concept of the Main Thing
  • The Wheel of Life
  • Your Goals

01:06 – My reason for this exploration is to find a rock solid foundation on how to prioritise my focus in the face of the endless stream of distractions and interruptions to my attention.

01:47 – I saw a recent study that claims Generation Z (aged 4-20) have an attention span of just 8 seconds!

02:19 – Our susceptibility to distraction is a hardwired instinctive response designed to keep us alive. The primitive part of us wants to be alerted immediately if anything new appears so we can assess it as friend or foe and act accordingly (and automatically).

03:13 – I have identified that staying focused is the key to my success (and yours too). Deciding on what to do based on what you believe to be The Main Thing is one way of directing your focus. But it is a skill that needs to be developed.

03:55 – After examining the wheel of life and goals, my attention has now turned to looking at values as a way of helping inform our decisions.

04:19 – If you have ever worked in a large organisation then it is likely you’ll have had the corporate values rammed down your throat.

04:55 – Values, Beliefs and Behaviours and our Attitude are linked very closely. I saw a speaker colleague of mine describe them in the form of a target diagram.

05:16 – Beliefs drive our Values which shapes our Attitude which informs our Behaviours.

05:28 – When you get clear on your values it will help inform your decisions about what to do.

05:39 – Here is an example. You are working late one night in the office on an important project and some colleagues leave before you and invite you to visit a new wine bar that’s just opened nearby. Your response to their invite will be very different if your highest professional value was discipline than if it was spontaneity.

07:31 – I think values are worth exploring in more depth. Tomorrow I am going to do just that.

Until then…

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