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In today’s episode I explore the relationship between the wheel of life, goals and the Main Thing. It is part of my drive to get very clear on how to make the decision I need to make about what I need to do next from the vast array of things I could do. In it I explore:

  • The concept of the wheel of life.
  • Perhaps there is no single Main Thing, but one for each of the spokes of our wheel of life.
  • How I fare on each spoke of the wheel of life.
  • The importance of balance.

Episode Show Notes…

00:09 – Background to this episode. After making the decision to explore the concept of the Main Thing, I have pondered and come to the conclusion there may not be a single “Main Thing”.

01:14 – The Wheel of Life is a popular way of defining satisfaction levels with the different aspects of our life.

01:43 – People may choose different categories for their own Wheel of Life, but typically there are usually between 6 and 8 spokes on the wheel.

02:12 – When I thought about it, I realised my life should not be dominated by a single Main Thing. If it is, then I am not living a balanced life.

[POST EDIT NOTE – Later research has had me ponder on this concept of work life balance somewhat deeper – what if the idea is impractical if you aspire to high levels of achievement}

02:22 – I explore what the Health spoke on my wheel of life might look like and come up with a range of goals.

05:53 – From the range of health goals I have, I need to pick one as my Health Main Thing and then run with that.

06:09 – I break out a prospective Health Main Thing and work out some of the steps necessary to achieve that.

07:30 – Setting goals over the next 5 years and working my way back is another way of identifying the Main Thing.

08:28 – Putting some thought into this has been really useful for me in the following way:

  • Using the Wheel of Life I can set my overall priorities.
  • Setting goals for each spoke gives me direction.
  • Picking the next goal to work one helps me choose my Main Thing

09:34 – Having mapped out this initial framework, I can start to see how I can help myself AND others identify the Main Thing.

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