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In This Episode…

Last week I met a Go-Getter and recounted my experience in a previous episode. This week I have been spending more time with other people I would definitely put in the Go-Getter category. In this episode I share:

  • A consistent habit I notice all Go-Getters have.
  • How I am failing to live up to the Go-Getter standards I aspire to.
  • The paradox that causes me to struggle with just getting on a doing things.
  • Why I think being a Go-Getter is more about Mindset than a range of behaviours and techniques.

Episode Show Notes…

00:08 – Last week I told you about my experience of meeting a Go-Getter. Well this week I have been spending time with more people I’d consider of that ilk.

00:34 – I have noticed that when Go-Getters decide to do something, they get on and do it immediately, often with a sense of urgency most people lack.

01:00 – This is a habit I need to instil in my own operating system – mainly because at the very same meeting I noticed how I was NOT doing that.

01:45 – Just collecting more things to add to our to do list without taking the time to get on with them when they appear on our radar is a BAD habit to develop (one that I have become guilty of!)

02:23 – And then even having recognised that, I repeated the same behaviour at a second meeting I attended this week!

02:52 – But I notice the difference in my momentum and my energy when I do get on with things IMMEDIATELY.

03:08 – However there is a paradox here in my mind. On the one hand I am aware that it is important to get on with things. But on the other I am also aware that we are hardwired to feel rewarded when we get on with tasks that are easy and quick to do.

03:35 – It is about striking that balance between getting on with the important stuff (your main thing) and doing things straight away when they come up.

03:49 – I believe it is more about having a Go-Getting mindset that being able to deploy a set of techniques.

03:55 – It is about having the identity of someone who executes right away. When you combine that with clarity of purpose, then anything is possible.

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