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In this episode I recount my thoughts on what a Go-Getting Mindset is after meeting someone with that approach to their work.

Episode Show Notes

00:09 – I have been running a leadership programme in the North West of England and met someone I quickly realised was a “Go-Getter”.

00:56 – This Go-Getter shared a personal story with my group about the effective use of influence. It was a perfect example of striving to get things done quickly and effectively.

01:10 – I must admit I was a bit star struck by his purposeful approach, his confidence and his clarity of expression.

01:52 – I chatted with the Go-Getter after he had spoken to the group. He shared his experience of being on a leadership programme earlier in his career.

02:16 – There was an exercise he took part in to build some form of flying vehicle to see how far a weight could be carried. There were a few constraints about minimum weight and the use of some components. Like the rest of the group his design had a basic wing structure.

02:44 – But when it came to test fly each design to see how far the weight could be carried, he simply discarded the wings, scrunched up what had to be carried and threw it as far as he could. Needless to say, he won though he did upset the facilitation staff.

02:59 – What was noticeable about his approach was he did not let the constraints guide his thinking. He discarded conventional thinking and got the job done – all within the rules (well technically at least).

03:20 – What struck me about the story was it’s this exact attitude that can help fuel the techniques, approaches and strategies of being more productive to achieve great things efficiently and effectively. This mindset alone will propel you forward to get things done.

03:50 – This experience reminded me of the book “The Go-Getter – A Story That Tells You How To Be One” By Peter B. Kyne.

Here’s My Copy Of The Go-Getter

04:45 – If you want to make a mark in your business or your career then you need to put in efficient and effective effort. However, having the attitude of a Go-Getter, coupled with clarity and purposefulness operating with a Growth Mindset will propel you further forward even faster.

05:39 – Meeting this manager reminded me of the characteristics and attitude of a Go-Getter. I have started to ask myself whether I have that drive now. I used to but suspect my drive muscles have become flabby.

06:24 – I need to brush the dust off that attitude and start bringing it back into my way of operating.

06:33 – My last question is for you – are you a Go-Getter?

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