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In yesterday’s episode I shared some of Cal Newport’s recommendations for developing our ability to focus and concentrate on our work. One of his recommendations was something he called “Productive Meditation”. In this episode I share how I tried his suggestion out and the painful lesson I learnt!

Episode Summary

00:15 – The background to this episode – one of Cal Newport’s mental training exercises to develop your deep work abilities is what he calls productive meditation.

00:44 – Productive Meditation is a strategy to help you apply yourself to a professional problem. It is something you can do when you are walking or running and has 4 discrete steps:

  • Review the variables to your problem.
  • Identify a targeted question for you to mull over.
  • Apply yourself to seeking out the answer to your question.
  • Review the answer you come up with.

02:33 – I thought I would try this on developing part of my introduction to my forthcoming productivity seminar series during a 25 minute walk to the post office.

04:20 – Cal Newport warns to be on the look out for distractions (thinking of everything but the problem you have set yourself) and looping (continually repeating the same thoughts over and over again).

04:39 – My mind drifted repeatedly. I hit resistance and reluctance. I thought of everything but my problem. I even got so distracted I forgot I was meant to be thinking about a problem at all!

05:34 – Ouch! – I realise I need more practice.

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