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It has been 13 weeks since I started my time tracking experiment.  Every working day I track my activities from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep.  

After 13 weeks I have amassed a good bit of data and have some trends I can work on.  In this episode I share the latest insights from the data.

Episode Show Notes

00:21 – Background to the time tracking experiment.

00:55 – What I capture, how I capture it and when I capture it.

01:45 – The key metric for me is what I call “Professional Project Time”. This is effort towards activities that grow and develop my business.

02:13 – I also track my daily efficiency (assuming a 50 hour work week). Here I track the efficiency of the productive hours I work against the time I would consider my working day.

02:37 – Early results showed I wasn’t spending much time on business building activities

03:01 – Over the next 9 weeks I increased that time from just over 3 hours a week to approximately 10 hours a week.

03:23 – Around week 10 there was a sudden slump back down to just over 3 hours a week.

03:51 – After a sudden explainable spike (I was face to face delivering to clients), the professional project time has levelled off at 4-5 hours a week.

04:12 – My percentage efficiency rating has peaked at 60A% but is generally an average of 44%.

04:58 – I can’t quite explain the dramatic changes yet, but I have the data and journal entries and so can go back and try and work out what has gone on.

05:43 – Tracking your time and what you do with it remains highly recommended.

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