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Last week I shared Ben Pakulski’s thoughts on identity and integrity.  His ideas on integrity have been bothering me all weekend.

In this episode I reflect on integrity and its relevance to the challenges I have been facing about doing the things I say I am going to do.  

Unfortunately it makes uncomfortable listening for me!

Episode Show Notes

00:32 – I have been exploring the concept of identity since I received the e mail newsletter from Mike Rayburn about change.

00:41 – I then explored what Tony Robbins taught me about identity in his book Awaken The Giant Within.

00:48 – Last week I also entertained Ben Pakulski’s thoughts on identity and integrity. And his thoughts on integrity have been playing on my mind all weekend.

01:37 – A couple of quotes that resonated with me:

Integrity – it’s when you say, you do.

Ben Pakulski on Impact Theory

If you give your word to do something, do it…

Ben Pakulski on Impact Theory

The only person the the world that matters [YOU], knows

Ben Pakulski on Impact Theory

02:45 – Ben also say’s this about discipline (I don’t think it is his original quote):

You can choose the pain of discipline now or the pain of regret later. Either way you can choose your pain.


03:08 – I have been reflecting on the challenges I have had where I have not done what I have said I am going to do (and embarrassingly there are a number of examples where that is the case!).

03:21 – I think I have been going round in circles because I have blamed not having goals, having a fixed mindset and more recently not having the right identity.

04:03 – I wonder whether it is something deeper – something to do with my values?

04:54 – Maybe it is something as simple as doing something I am going to do when I say I am going to do it?

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