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In this episode I run through each of the 9 things from Heidi Grant Halvorson’s excellent book and see how they apply to my goal of making a daily journal a habit

Episode Show Notes

00:06 – Why I am using Hiedi Grant Halvorson’s book to help me with keeping my journal.

00:56 – Setting a specific goal for my journalling and identifying the obstacles I’ll encounter (so I can do mental contrasting).

02:55 – When and where I will do my Journal Entries – using the IF-THEN principle to prime my brain to automatically do it.

03:38 – Knowing how far I have left to go is not as relevant for writing a journal – but I might gameify the process.

04:14 – I think I am being a realistic optimist about journalling daily and using it to improve my productivity.

04:54 – Focus on getting better. I will evolve my journalling strategy over the coming days and weeks and I am aware I have nothing to prove other than to improve.

05:32 – I don’t really think I need grit to keep a journal. Though I do need to be committed and persistent – so perhaps I do?

05:54 – By applying myself to the goal of keeping a daily journal, I will develop will power.

06:17 – I will make sure I journal early in the evening and not leave it until just before going to bed when I am more likely to put it off.

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