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Having recommitted to keeping my daily journal, I recognise I still need to make it a habit.  I explore this idea in this episode.

Episode Transcript (Edited)

Hi, it’s Michael Tipper and welcome to today’s episode of the Profit Productivity Podcast.

A couple of days ago I recommitted to keeping my journal up to date. I’d do this by journaling about my day and reflecting on the things that happened that went really well and what I could do even better.

Yesterday I talked specifically about the process of journaling.

After three days I’ve got two consecutive, solid entries in my journal. They are good quality ones reflecting on what I’d been doing, identifying the things that are working well and spotting things that I need to do even better.

I haven’t written today’s yet, that’s going to happen shortly.

What’s interesting is yesterday I made a note about something that needs to change. I realised in reflecting back that I haven’t implemented that today. So I’m still not closing the loop on using the tool effectively.

But even so, I am doing the journaling and I’m just going to have to refine that process. It’s about evolving things to get to a point where they’re doing the job that I intend them to do.

It’s still early days and the moment I am fuelled by the willpower and the recency of committing to this goal.

I can liken this to being like the 2nd or 3rd of January having committed to going to the gym on New Year’s Eve as part of a New Year’s Resolution. So soon after making that resolution, I’m still doing it because I’m in the shadow of the momentum of that decision.

However, I’m aware that unless I do something different, it’s likely to tail off again once that initial momentum has been lost. I don’t want to slip back to dropping off and not doing it again.

So what I’m going to be doing is looking at how can I take this and implement and condition it as a habit. What practices are there out there to do that?

I think I know where I’m going to get one from something I’ve read recently. Tomorrow I’m going to be looking at that in a little bit more detail.

I wanted to do this short episode to acknowledge that I’m making some progress, recognise that it’s still not perfect yet, and also identify my way forward for making it even better.

And of course, I will be journaling about exactly this when I get my journal out at six o’clock.

So until tomorrow.

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