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I announced yesterday that I was heading in a new direction for my own self development.  There’s plenty of work to be done on self esteem, self concept and self worth.

 It’s an area I’ve been aware that needs work for some time but have avoided it as much as I can.  Recent events and challenges have more or less forced my hand.  

In addition to realising I needed to do that work, I am also developing my emotional intelligence (and perhaps getting to the bottom of my self esteem challenges) by going through Shirzad Chamine’s Positive Intelligence Quotient training for coaches.

In this episode I explain what that is all about and summarise the things I have discovered about that programme after starting it yesterday.  I cover:

  • What the programme is.
  • The format of the Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) training for coaches.
  • The fundamental problem with most personal and professional development training
  • The PQ operating system.
  • How to develop your PQ muscles

Mind Map Summary Of This Episode

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