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After making the decision to re-introduce journalling into my daily routine, this morning I accidentally (serendipitously?) stumbled across an excellent video by Tim Ferriss on how he takes notes and journals.  

Once I got down into the YouTube rabbit hole, I also came across a great video by Ryan Holiday on 7 things you could learn from Marcus Aurelius about journalling.

In todays episode I reflect on the lessons I pulled from those two videos and explain how I am going to implement them in my latest quest to use journalling in my daily productive practice.

Mind Map Summary Of This Episode

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

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Tim Ferris YouTube Video On How He Journals

Ryan Holiday YouTube Video on 7 Lessons From Marcus Aurelius

Ryan Holiday’s Brilliant Post On Journalling

The 5 Minute Journal

The Artists Way Morning Journal

The Daily Stoic Journal

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