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Today I got up VERY early to deliver a Productivity Masterclass to an audience based in Australia and New Zealand. I was asked a very interesting question and thought I’d share both the question and the answer I gave.

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My Work Patterns Have Changed

Here is the text of a question I was asked today for my productivity masterclass:

“I spent the last two years working on a busy programme with a demanding client. Despite long working days and hours of commuting, I enjoyed the buzz and still managed to squeeze in exercise and hobbies. In the last few months, I have moved into a new, non-client facing role working entirely virtually. I have no direct team members and have the freedom to set my own day and deadlines. This flexibility has brought new benefits, such as better sleep and a sense of calmness, but I miss the focus, structure and sense of purpose that used to be at the core of my productivity. How can I bring elements of this back into my new day?”

Here is a summary of my answer:

  • Capture the same state of mind you have when you are working on the the last day before you go on holiday
  • Set yourself mini deadlines.
  • Use a timer.
  • Experiment with the Pomodoro method.

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