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At the weekend I decided to make a monumental shift towards being more focused on how I use my time during my day. I realised I was getting sucked into trivial, reactive tasks at the expense of more important stuff. As a result I was bunching up my project work.

Well today is the first day I am experimenting with my new system and I thought I’d share my experiences with you.

Episode Show Notes…

So How Has Today Been Then?

I’ve had a really good day today.

I have been working pretty much full on all day.

Now that’s not unusual because I am busy most days. However today was by design rather than by default.

I worked out my new framework on Saturday and then planned what needed to be done today around that framework.

I had three planned zoom meetings today and was able to flex my framework around them.

On the whole I feel the effort was worthwhile, however I did learn a few things:

  1. My meeting with my web developer could be more targeted and better structured.
  2. My planning didn’t take into account preparation or follow up for the zoom meetings I’ve had today.
  3. It pays to jump on a task as soon as you can after it arrives in a meeting but bear in mind there might be a knock on impact to things planned after.
  4. Allowing more time than you think you need for something is a good strategy to give you a bit of flex between appointments.
  5. Sticking to the fixed time of the things you’ve promised you’ll do helps keep a sense of urgency about your effort.
  6. Planning your effort tomorrow at the end of the working day really helps to park unfinished stuff overnight.
  7. Having the deadline to complete the day before 7:00pm gives focus and a sense of urgency that boosts the effort at the end of a busy day.

So overall I am pleased with how things have gone.

There is still a lot to learn and develop before I am fully happy this is the way forward. But I’m making progress.

And to be honest, I haven’t felt this engaged and focused for a long time.

I think there might be something in this approach.

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