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In yesterday’s episode, I shared how a shift in my morning routine with the absence of my LinkedIn activities had left me drifting a little. Well today I managed to counter that and return to good habits.

Episode Show Notes…

What’s The Difference Between 7:00am and 7:30am?

This morning I got up at the same time as I did yesterday and did the same things for my morning routine as I did yesterday… so why did I finish the routine at 7:00am this morning leaving me 30 minutes to shower and start work on time but yesterday I didn’t shower until 7:30am?

It is an interesting conundrum for me. I think it’s about the “bite” you have for your day. This morning I was on purpose and didn’t dawdle between each phase of my routine. Yesterday I think I pondered a bit and let my mind wander. This rumination habit of mine does mean I can waste quite a bit of time. Looks like it cost me 30 minutes yesterday!.

But today…very different.

Sometimes Being Productive Can Dilute Your Focus

This morning I got into the zone. I spent an hour researching cognitive loading for an upcoming masterclass I am doing and drafting the outline of the session. Then I dived into sorting out a list of detailed questions for an upcoming podcast interview. Then I got into sorting out a task I’d been putting off for more emotional reasons than practical reasons.

So I was on fire.

But I had to transit through my email inbox to get some information for one of those tasks.

Because I was in the zone, I leapt on a couple of e mails that I knew I needed to deal with. I launched into LinkedIn to answer a message that had arrived during the morning. I was doing stuff left right and centre.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is a great place to be. But it is the productivity equivalent of driving your Porsche 911 turbo the 100 yards to the corner shop. That level of energy and capability is probably better served elsewhere!.

When Technology Lets You Down

My aim every day is to get 10,000 steps logged on my Garmin. I break it down into bite sized chunks so that by 11.00 I like to have done 3000 steps. Then I add a couple thousand more in the afternoon. Go for a longer walk in the evening and then knock off what’s left by pacing up and down the hallway.

When I have a phone call I pace up and down and then get some steps in that way too. I kill two birds with one stone.

So by lunchtime today I had racked up 5400 steps. Sweet.

But then an hour or so later I noticed the Garmin watch had a blank screen. It does this sometimes. So I plugged it in to the charger and that revitalised it. It was a form of electronic mouth to mouth!

But for some reason, the steps for today had been wiped. So here I am at 6.00pm with a full 9400 left to do!!!


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