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After my experience of focusing on a daily basis over the weekend, I decided to extend that to this week. I think that was a good idea because as a result, today was a productive day.

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One Week One Thing

Yesterday as I was planning my week, I decided I would pick a main focus for the week. Even as I consider that term “main focus”, I realise it is a bit of a contradiction or is it an oxymoron. Focus is singular, otherwise it can’t be a focus. So having a “Main focus” means something is afoot. So I have probably got to work on that.

So back to my intention for the week.

Last week, the singular focus I had on any particular day worked really well for me. So I decided to fractal it up and do the same but on a weekly time frame.

This week I have chosen it to be the week of getting my Interview Podcast up and running. Now each day will have its own focus, but they will build towards the week’s focus.

So today was about setting up the invitation and briefing resources for guests. It involved writing briefing documents, creating welcome videos, creating survey forms and integrating it all online. A most rewarding day.

I was able to do it because that was today’s main focus (there I go again….!!!!).

Why You HAVE To Reflect, Review & Revise

Last week I reviewed where I was spending my time and assessed the ROI on my investment. One of the things that has been a significant commitment in the morning has been the commenting on LinkedIn posts as a way of encouraging engagement on my own.
It has been a very rewarding exercise over the last 3 months and I have learnt a lot from the experience. However I realised all I was doing was getting extra views of my posts. I wasn’t really making any progress in developing the business.

There are a few reasons for that unrelated to the posting and commenting. Mainly I don’t have a business growth strategy in place to capitalise on my LinkedIn Activity. So I realised I was perhaps wasting the effort I was putting in because I was gaining not growing my business. In fact if anything, it had become a bit self indulgent because I did enjoy writing and commenting on other people’s posts.

So today was the first day I didn’t post on others contributions. And so I didn’t get any comments on my usual Monday Morning Minute. The contrast was quite stark. Instead of 200-300 views on a post, I got 19 today. However I expected that and will be working on developing my strategy so that it is far more targeted

Because I reflected and reviewed, I realised I needed to revise.

Why Was Today Such A Good Day?

I used my prime time for a research task for developing my next masterclass – this would have been spent commenting on others LinkedIn posts.

Then I invested in myself by attending the weekly sales training I am undergoing (which incidentally helped me realise my LinkedIn posting was an inefficient and ineffective way of doing things).

Then I dived deep into putting together the briefing process for my interview podcast.

I left the trivial stuff to the end of the day.

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