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Today has been another busy day. But it was more focused and I got some significant stuff done on projects I’m working on.

There’s nothing really of note to share today other than the basic principles work when you apply them. I do give lists a brief mention.

Episode Show Note…

Sometimes You Just Get On With Stuff

Today has been a relatively nondescript day. Busy as always but a little more focused than yesterday. Mainly because things have gone according to plan.

Should I Really Have Spent All That Time On Zoom Today?

Monitoring what you do and seeing whether it serves or not is a key trait I’ve learnt to develop. This afternoon I had two back to back zoom calls that lasted 2 and a half hours in total. One was with a mastermind group colleague that was absolutely worth the time that was spent in conversation supporting each other in our respective businesses.

The other was a speculative conversation with someone who is a mutual connection with a friend of mine. There was some professional commonality that formed the basis of the conversation and I did ask what the outcome of the session was. However it was one of those hours that didn’t add to my forward progress with my goals.

Could I have realised that before the meeting was arranged? Possibly. But sometimes you don’t realise until after the event. It has sharpened my decision making muscles though.

I’m Not A Fan Of Lists….BUT They Have Their Place

One of the reasons I got a lot of stuff done today was that I had a list of my things to do organised last night. So when the time to work came to day, I just worked my way down the list. Well nearly….

It helped me focus and shut out the rest of the world whilst I got on with each item. The secret is to take one item, shut out all possibility of doing anything else and then get on with it. When it is done then cross it off and start the next item on the list.

The reason I don’t like lists is when they are used as the sole method of managing focus across all of the potential tasks you could do, that’s when problems appear.

Here’s What I Was Asked On LinkedIn Today

I announced my new open house productivity surgery today on LinkedIn. The initial response seems very positive and I’m expecting a few people to turn up and ask me their questions about productivity.

Someone asked me this great question in the comments:

  • I love all your practical tips, what would be your top 3 right now?

Here’s my answer:

  1. Know what you’re aiming for
  2. Know what the very next step is to get you closer
  3. Do that and only that until it’s done

It’s Nice To Finish The Podcast At A Reasonable Time Today

Last night I was late finishing recording. Today I have managed to take back control of that.

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