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In today’s short but concise episode I share how new challenges and problems that need addressing have started to emerge now that it appears I am getting meetings under control.

Episode Transcript

Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of the profit productivity podcast. It’s your host, Michael tipper. Who else would it be Now Today’s episode is going to be called when one door closes another door opens. Now I have made some significant progress on how I approach meetings over the last week or so. And I have to be very careful not to assume that I have fixed the problem I was facing. The problem that got me to really look at how I was handling meetings in the first place. So as a result of that self analysis and the awareness that came from how I was dealing with meetings, I have collected some ideas, some tools and adopted new behaviors in order to meet the challenge of being effective in meetings. But it’s important that I recognize that having addressed the problem doesn’t mean I fixed the problem.

So the approach is still in its forming stage and it needs to be conditioned. It needs to be refined. It needs to be proper baffled tested over a period of time. I can’t just think that I’ve solved the problem in five, six, seven days of applying it. So I’ve gotta be careful not to let go of the momentum I have gained. Of course, what is happening is as I’ve started to deal with that other problems have started to appear. So I have, I’m seeing a challenge with the discipline and rigor that I’m handling appointments that are being made on my behalf for me to meet with people, to speak with people, to have one to ones that is a little bit haphazard again, in the same way my meetings were a week or so ago. I’m also noticing that my approach to emails doesn’t have the rigor that I know is required for me to focus on my productivity.

I have drifted back into checking them more often. I should do, partly because I am communicating with a lot of people. And email is the primary mechanism for that, which means it’s becoming harder for me to chunk. When I apply myself to emails and what’s happened is I’ve allowed my natural. I say my, our natural tendencies for easily distraction to allow myself to get sucked into simple emails that seem to be productive if I do them. So it’s a never ending story. This ongoing, I stopped playing whack-a-mole something pops up, you hit it on the head and something else pops up, hit that on the head. And the first thing pops up again. So you hit that on the head. I’ve got to be careful not to align my productivity development to end up in that fashion. So I am going to start looking at those two new areas, looking at the appointments, looking at email, but make sure I really do embed my approach to meetings such that it is second nature. And I have got something that I’m consistent with. Now. I may change it as I evolve and become even better, but I’ve got to start with something that’s consistent and then I can do the same thing with appointments and with emails. So that’s today’s episode until tomorrow.

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