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In This Episode…

In today’s episode I explore the concept and principles of accountability through two real life examples from today – one good and one bad.  

The good one is a perfect example of someone (a coaching client of mine) being very accountable for her actions and reaping the rewards as a result.

The bad example is painfully close to home and to be honest, somewhat embarrassing. 

Episode Show Notes…

00:09 – Today’s episode is going to be about accountability.

00:23 – The definition of accountability varies depending on what reference you read. For this episode I want to focus on this aspect of it – doing what you say you’ll do.

00:50 – I want to share two examples of accountability – one good and one bad.

00:56 – The good example is of a coaching client of mine. We have just had the last session of three today. She has been a great client, a perfect example of what a good coaching client is.

01:21 – We have discussed the issues she wanted to work on. We identified the problems, came up with solutions, she committed to taking action, and she took that actions – when she said she’d take it.

02:06 – As a result, she’s now freed up the time to be with the young son more often and for longer, she’s made more time for herself and she’s even raised a game at work.

02:33 – And that is a really good example of someone who’s been accountable for what they said they were going to do. She said she’s going to do something. She said when she’s going to do it and she did it.

02:45 – Who might the bad example of accountability be?

  • A different coaching client…. NO
  • A colleague….NO
  • A family member….NO

03:03 – I am the bad example of accountability. I’ve not done something I have said I will do by the time I said I would do it!

03:06 – My accountant has been chasing me for some information for my tax return for a number of weeks now. They’ve chase me at least twice by phone.

03:22 – I have put the poor accountant who has to deal with my files in the uncomfortable situation of having to chase me up more than once.

03:33 – I am embarrassed to admit this but do so because I want to be held to account for improving this behaviour.

03:43 – A quote that I think is relevant here is one that I think came from T Harv Eker:

How you do anything is how you do everything.

T Harv Eker

03:57 – There is a lot I could blame here for not following through with what I said I’d do – but I’d be heading into victim territory.

04:17 – There is a value thing and an integrity thing going on here. What is worrying me is whether this is a symptom of a deeper malaise within my being.

04:35 – This wasn’t up to my usual high standards of behaviour and I am suffering the embarrassment of admitting it publicly to give me the motivation to make the change.

05:07 – I have made a start on this. After the second phone call from my accountant today, I committed to having the information to her by 5.00pm today. This I did.

With embarrassment, until tomorrow.

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