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Today I have been for a comprehensive health check. It is something I do every couple of years to make sure everything is in good working order and to potentially spot anything untoward before it takes hold.

At the end of the assessment I had a good chat with the Physiologist about my goals for the future. I was talking about some of the areas I wanted to improve when he asked me a great question – how will you know you’ve made an improvement.

His question got me thinking about its relevance to my business, a theme I explore in today’s episode.

Episode Show Notes…

Today I have had a full health assessment. It is something I do every couple of years to make sure I am still on track and to keep an eye out for anything untoward that might be lurking around.

I have had a full round of checks with lots of samples analysed, plenty of measurements taken and calculations made.

All of the data has been compared to benchmarks relating to performance quality and related to my age.

I am pleased to announce everything is in order and I am in great shape. I am particularly pleased with my blood pressure, resting heart rate and VO2 fitness scores.

At the end of the session with the clinical physiologist, he asked me about my goals for the future. I talked about a number of areas I wanted to improve.

He then asked me the million dollar question:

How Will You Measure Your Performance So You Know?

Luke, Clinical Physiologist

We discussed a few metrics and came up with some answers. It was a great conversation and it got me thinking about how I define my success and track my performance.

On my way home I reflected on whether I could answer that question for my business. Unfortunately I came to the swift conclusion that I couldn’t.

So I realise I need to have outcome metrics (which I have started to define in terms of my goals) AND activity metrics on the things I need to do to achieve those outcomes.

I don’t have all the answers yet and so my question for you is this:

…Do you?

Until tomorrow…

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