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In This Episode…

After the recent focus on setting goals and the need for getting clear on what to aim for in 2020, you’d think I would have spent today setting my goals for the next 12 months.  

Well that isn’t what happened, hence the title of todays episode “Are You Serious????”.  In this episode I explore the circumstances of what has happened today (or not as the case may be).

Episode Show Notes…

00:13 – Background to today’s episode. In Episode 175 I identified my short list of things to focus on. Top of that list was to get clear on my goals for 2020. In Episode 176 (Yesterday), I did a literature review of all the episodes on this podcast relating to goal setting.

01:13 – So after doing all of that, you might have expected me to have spent today looking at setting my goals for 2020 and putting plans in place for their achievement…

01:35 – er….well…..NO! Which is why I am asking myself the question “Are you serious?”

01:39 – So what have I been doing today then? Well it is a work day and I have been catching up on projects that were interrupted because of Christmas.

01:52 – I have been putting together marketing material for my Power of Focus Seminar. This will support my goals for next year and has to be done. But I’ve still not got my goals set for next year! That is supposed to be my priority!

02:34 – On reflection, this is a pattern of behaviour I have shown many times before and I should have seen it coming. I have many times in the past set an intention to do one thing but then got on with something completely different!

03:14 – This time, even though the activity of sorting out the marketing material for my seminar is important, it isn’t being done in the context of clearly defined goals.

03:34 – This means my mental energy is divided and I am not applying all of myself to either task. I am deluding myself if I think I can leave this substantial task to 5-10 minutes of effort at the end of a day that has been mentally taxing for me.

04:07 – Having this podcast has allowed me to identify this has happened and means I can course correct without too much collateral damage.

04:57 – Tomorrow WILL be about setting my goals for 2020.

Until tomorrow…

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