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Unfortunately I let today run away from me and that meant today’s episode is a short one commenting on how I ended up recording it past midnight.

Edited Transcript

Hi, this is Michael and welcome today’s episode of the Profit Productivity Podcast.

This is probably going to be the shortest episode I will do. I’ve committed to doing an episode a day until I’ve got the rhythm of helping other people develop their own personal productivity.

Unfortunately, I’m recording this at just gone midnight. So technically I didn’t do an episode (today) yesterday.

What happened was I let the day’s intended activities get away from me during the day.

I planned the day to be a Power Day. And what I mean by that is I was going to do all the little bits and pieces – the little loose ends such as unanswered emails and unopened letters letters that just gather and don’t get done during the rest of the week.

The build up of these loose ends is actually a good sign. It means I am focusing on the big chunks during the week and not getting sucked into trivia.

So for the Power Day, I thought I’ll focus on getting those things done. Unfortunately, I let the day get away from me because I got sucked into a big task. Sometimes these might come up and sometimes I might have to get focused on a big task.

However this was not one of those tasks.

The purpose of a Power Day is for trivial stuff, routine minutia. The sort of things that if you did them during the rest of the week, they’d deplete the mental energy you need for the big tasks in your life.

What I should have done was work out what needed to be done and then line that up for a major chunk of effort next week. There’s a lesson there!

I also had a planned meeting extend way beyond the expected duration. It took up far more time than I had anticipated, leaving me with a very tight timescale to get ready for my next commitment.

Not only that, a small window of opportunity I had allocated to working on my podcast, evaporated because of the evolving needs of my meeting.

So I’m a bit frustrated with myself I let that happen.

I’m just recording this short episode just to fulfil my commitment to myself to do an episode every day. Technically as it’s past midnight, there won’t be a Friday episode but Saturday will have two.

This raises a point about how easy it is to let things slip.

I could’ve recorded two episodes tomorrow rather than stay up late to do this one. But it was important to me to stay consistent and not “cheat” even if it was at the cost of quality.

It’s not the best episode. I’m not pleased with it, but I am pleased I’ve taken the time to record something.

Hopefully, I’ll give you something a bit more valuable tomorrow.

Until then.

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