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Michael made a dramatic impact on the audience. He had to hold everyone's attention after lunch on the final day of our conference. Michael's topic was well received and we had very positive feedback from all at the conference. There was the right balance of audience participation, especially presented in a fun environment and non-threatening. He was positive and we all took away something to improve our day to day performance”

Len Lindon, Shell International Ltd

Discover How I Can Support You In Your Event

Hi My name is Michael Tipper and if you’re looking for a speaker for your event that’ll have your audience Learning, Laughing and Leaving inspired so you feel CERTAIN you've made an excellent decision in booking them;  then I’d like to give you an option to consider.

Now to help make your event a roaring success so you can bask in the glory of a job well done you'll want to:

Firstly - Find An expert speaker who has something relevant and value to your audience so you know you are serving the needs of your people really well

Secondly - You’ll want the speaker YOU choose to be credible in their field so YOU are CONFIDENT your audience will get cutting edge input from an established expert.

Thirdly And most importantly, you'll want them to be a seasoned communicator who can engage and hold the attention of your audience meaning your people will CONGRATULATE you in finding and booking them.

What I can share is relevant and valuable for your audience

A consistent and common problem I see having worked in the people development space for over 20 years is professionals, like the ones in your audience, who struggle with:

  • A lack of focus
  • Are easily distracted
  • And who procrastinate far more than they’d like to admit

This means sadly for them, they’re falling short of their potential.  For the business it means they’re not  contributing as much as they could be to the bottom line.   And they’re probably a little stressed and maybe overwhelmed too.


With just some of the many insights from a session of mine, your audience members…

Will know how to have the concentration levels of a Buddhist monk on the seventh day of a silent retreat so their focus is razor sharp.

They'll have discovered the sense of purpose and ruthlessness of a seasoned bargain hunter prowling the stores on Black Friday which means they’ll march forward towards their objectives and not let anything get in their way

And they'll be well on their way to developing the dynamic “Do It Now” attitude of Gary The Go-Getter From Go-GettersVille. {my live jokes are much better than that…I promise}

Applying just a couple of things from my session will enable them to get more done, quicker and with less effort.

The session is called:

"Why Time Management Is Impossible …And What To Do Instead"

Side Step Procrastination, Eliminate Distractions & Trigger “DO IT NOW”  Momentum To Get Even More Done

The session is called:

The Problem

In today’s fast paced, ever changing and often chaotic world, professionals have never been so overworked and overwhelmed.  The struggle to get things done because of just too much to do AND worry about their ability to do the work impeded by the impact of stress, bothers many of them.

Key Takeaways

* A step by step plan to greater levels of personal productivity.

* A simple mindset shift to take back control of email.

* 3 simple ways to develop laser like focus & concentration.

* 5 strategies to create “DO IT NOW” momentum.

* 7 productivity hacks for instant impact on any workload

The Benefits

Audience members will have learnt, laughed and left inspired to apply the takeaways in this session.  They’ll know exactly what to do to increase their focus, side step procrastination  and get even more done in their busy and hectic days.  They’ll know how to take back control of their day and achieve even more.

Here are my credentials in the field of personal and professional productivity

I’ve been helping people in this field for over 20 years now.  I’m the author of 7 books and am in regular demand from the print, broadcast and internet media for my contribution to their news stories.

I operate as a keynote speaker, seminar leader, group facilitator and developmental coach and help professionals be more efficient, more effective and operate at even higher levels of personal productivity.

I am also the host of the daily productivity podcast at www.ProfitProductivity.com which at the last count has over 200 episodes.

I work both domestically and internationally and have recently returned from a 6 city, 5 country, 2 continent tour of my Power of Focus Seminar series so you can be confident of my track record.

Here's the experience I have engaging, educating and even entertaining audiences like yours

I am an award-winning, seasoned conference and seminar speaker with over 1500 live presentations under my belt delivered to over 100,000 people.  I have an energetic, enthusiastic and entertaining approach to delivering content of value to live audiences.    Which means your people will experience a session they’ll both remember and enjoy and they’ll thank you for it.

So I am well placed to give you another option for choosing a speaker for your next event.  Someone who will add something of significant value to your audience in a way that will have them learn, laugh and leave inspired to apply it.

It will be a privilege and an honour to work with you and give your audience a fabulous experience.

Here are some of the other companies and organisations I have presented for:

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Here's what some of my other clients have said about me

“Michael Tipper is fantastic! From our initial interactions to participating in and presenting at our annual innovation conference in New York, Michael was high energy, enthusiastic and informative”

Deborah Mangone, Pfizer

“Michael's enthusiastic delivery, innovation, creativity and methods are quite exceptional, giving members the opportunity to sustainably save significant time each week”

Sir Eric Peacock
Academy of Chief Executives

Would you please pass on my sincerest thanks to Michael Tipper for speaking at the CIPD Conference and Convention. It was fascinating and he certainly had the audience in his hands”

Sue Green, CIPD

So let’s explore how we can work together.

Do get in touch right away and you’ll find more information about how to do that below.

I look forward to hearing from you today.

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