The Perfect Choice For Busy, Stressed Out Professionals Trying To Avoid Burnout

"How Personal Productivity Coaching Will Help You Banish Overwhelm, Eliminate Procrastination & Reduce Your Stress Levels, So You Can Focus, Get Far More Done And Feel Much More In Control Of Your Day, Regardless Of How Busy You Are!"

Coaching Testimonial From Maria L'Episcopo, Project Manager, NATO

"Before I started my productivity coaching with Michael Tipper I didn’t feel I was in control of the balance between my personal and professional lives.  My days at work were unstructured, and I was working far longer hours than I wanted to.  Out of work, it was really challenging bringing up a small child because of my workload and I had stopped doing the “me-time” things that used to replenish me and make me feel whole. 

However after just a handful of sessions with Michael Tipper, I have freed up the time to be with my young son more, am able to take more time out for myself and have even raised my game at work.   I feel much more in control and am now excited about the year to come.  As well as all of the great advice and insightful coaching, I think the most useful aspect about working with Michael is being held to account for the commitments I have made in each session. 

Without that support I wouldn’t have made even half the progress I have done in such a short space of time".

From The Desk Of Michael Tipper:

Dear Fellow Busy Professional,

How do you feel about your work?

The answer to this IMPORTANT question is a pretty good measure of just how in control of your work you are.

Now when I talk about feelings, I don't mean the words you use to brush off those stock "How are you today?" questions.

You know, the questions your colleagues and associates throw at you as a matter of habit (rather than as a genuine check on your well being).

No, when I talk about feelings, I mean those deep, stomach churning, emotionally charged bundles of discomfort deep inside you.

The ones there when you go to bed...

...That haunt you when you're asleep...

...And are ready to punch you in the gut when the alarm shocks you into the new day in the morning.

Those are the feelings I'm interested in.

Why might you be having those feelings?

Well it's possible you might be struggling with one or more of these issues:

Which Of These Challenges Are You Struggling With?

Difficulty focusing attention on anything for longer than a few minutes (or even seconds) which means work quality struggles to rise above the superficial.

Feelings of dread about going into work because of the sheer volume of things that need to be done making the work place a source of suffering instead of a source of satisfaction.

Challenges making decisions on what to do when there are so many options of things that need to be done leaving you paralysed and stuck in a state of learned helplessness.

Routinely ticking off trivial, simple and shallow tasks from a to do list at the expense of deeper, meaningful and much more important work.

Regularly leaving things to the last moment meaning vital work is rushed, ill thought through and often far below the standard you are capable of producing.

Easily distracted by the numerous demands on your time meaning you are too thinly stretched and unable to produce your best work.

Swamped by the huge volume of e mails that bombard your inbox every single hour.

Completely exhausted at the end of long and busy days without seeing much meaningful progress despite the effort you have put in at work.

Needing to spend a considerable amount of unrecognised and unrewarded personal time on your work outside of what is considered “normal working hours” just to keep up.

And perhaps worryingly for your health and well being,  allowing all of the above to build up to the level where you are overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and perhaps even depressed!

If It's More Than One Then Don't Be Alarmed, You're Not The Only One

The impact of one or more of these challenges, built up over a long period of time, will keep adding to that growing sense of unease in the pit of your stomach that things are starting to get out of control.

In fact, things might already be out of control.

And you know what that feels like...don't you?

So the question is "What can you do about it?"

If It's More Than One Then Don't Be Alarmed, You're Not The Only One

The impact of one or more of these challenges, built up over a long period of time, will keep adding to that growing sense of unease in the pit of your stomach that things are starting to get out of control.

In fact, things might already be out of control.

And you know what that feels like...don't you?

So the question is "What can you do about it?"

The Solution To Any Challenges You Face If You're Struggling To Cope With Your Workload Is Quite Simple

STEP 1 - Understand what is going on - this is about gaining cutting edge KNOWLEDGE.

STEP 2 - Start doing things differently once you have that understanding - this is about developing new productive BEHAVIOURS.

It's About Knowing New Stuff That Will Help (Knowledge) And Doing Things Differently So You Get A Better Result (Behaviours)

What are your options for finding this new knowledge and working out what to do with it?

Well the first thing you could do is hop on over to YouTube and watch a couple of videos.

There are a couple of problems with that:

  • There are over 155 million videos that reference the term "productivity" - that's a LOT of content to get through.
  • With so many videos to choose from, how do you know what is good from bad?
  • How do you know whether the information is relevant to you and your situation?
  • Will you have time to wait for the response to any questions about the content you pose in the comments section of the video (if indeed they even reply)?

But Where Do You Get This Knowledge? There Are Just Too Many Videos On YouTube

Another option is to go an buy a book from Amazon.  That is a GREAT source of ideas.

Usually, if someone has taken the time to write a book on the subject, then it's likely they'll know something about it.  (Though unfortunately for you if you are looking for quick answers, that's not always the case!).

But just like YouTube, you are faced with an overwhelming number of books.

Just go to and there are over 60,000 titles relating to productivity!

If You Prefer Reading, There Are Still An Awful Lot Of Books To Get Through On Amazon

You Could Attend A Live Productivity Seminar

Live seminars are brilliant.

You get to learn directly from the instructor.

You hear valuable information directly from the horses mouth.

If the event is intimate enough, you can even get to ask questions of the instructor directly.

If you are really lucky, they may be even able to give you some advice and guidance specific to maybe a small aspect of your individual needs.

The trouble is, even with the best seminars, when you leave the training room, it's up to you what you do with the information.

And given that you are already busy and perhaps overwhelmed, what are the chances of you making the time and space to try and digest what you've learnt and then work out how to apply it?

But Without An Important Critical Element, Research Has Shown That Only 12% Of People  Apply Skills Gained From Seminars Back In Their Workplace And On Their Job

However there is another option open to you.

One that is personal to you, flexible to your needs and that gives you complete control over the direction it takes.

More importantly it is the icing on top of the personal development cake that many leave off.

It is the critical component that is the key difference between ongoing long term success and short term failure and heartache.

When you look at those who are the best at what they do, they ALL have this special ingredient.

....Individual, Personalised Professional Coaching.

Individualised, Personal, One On One Professional Coaching Is The Premier Solution For Professionals Who Want To Solve A Problem FAST and EFFECTIVELY

Here are just some of the many benefits of professional coaching:

It's A Short Cut To Your Success Guided By An Expert

You get to work one on one with a specialist, an expert in their field.   One who has accumulated years of study and research and hundreds if not thousands of hours of practice in an area that can help you.  You’ll get the most cutting edge, practical information filtered through their time, energy and experience without having to waste effort trying to find the answers for yourself.

It's A Pathway To Greater Clarity And Focus For You

If you try and do it on your own you will be hindered by trying to solve the problem with the same set of resources that got you into the problem in the first place – yes you!  It’s unlikely (though not impossible) you’ll find the answers yourself.  Working with a coach will help give you crystal clear clarity that’s simply not possible when you are hindered by the natural thinking biases we are all burdened with.  They will also help you focus on the critical success factors to help you achieve your goals quicker and with the least effort.

You'll Get The Tough Love Of Strong Accountability That's Crucial For Success

It is very easy to tell ourselves we are going to do something but let it slip when things start to get difficult.  However it is much harder to do that when you have a specialist coach to hold you accountable for the things you want to achieve and have committed to.  The tough love of someone who’s life purpose is to help others develop behaviours to support their goals and aspirations is priceless.  You might resent it, you might hate it, you might even criticise it when you’re being held accountable.  However there is nothing so sweet as success that has been won by overcoming the odds and defeating adversity.  Without this accountability, you have less than a 10% chance of succeeding.

You'll Feel The Warm Glow Of Satisfaction When Your Coach Positively Reinforces Your Progress

As well as holding you accountable for when you start to drift from the plan of action you’ve agreed, a great professional coach also knows the importance of making you feel good about the progress you make.  Neuroscience has shown hands down that the feel-good chemicals in our brain drive us on to even greater levels of performance when you are positively reinforced in the right manner.  This is like adding rocket fuel to your motivational fire to propel you to even greater effort.

You'll Get The Convenience Of Developing Yourself In Real-Time

A key benefit of getting one on one professional coaching is that it is delivered in short sharp sessions that are easy to fit in and around even the busiest of schedules.  You’ll be able to apply the coaching in the workplace and then get real-time feedback from your efforts that you can feed back into the coaching process.  This will save you time and more important, will give you “Just In Time” support as you encounter any unforeseen difficulties or obstacles.

However, there is a catch...


Just Call Me On +44(0) 777 553 2612 Now For A Free Strategy Session To See How We Can Work Together To Make You Even More Productive  

Coaching Can Help You But Only If You Are Willing To Be Helped

If You Can't Answer Yes To All Of These Questions Then Coaching Is Not For You & There Is No Point You Reading The Rest Of This Page

Are you someone who is willing to put the work in?

When you say you are going to do something, do you do it?

Are you able to be challenged, even if it might be uncomfortable?

Do you have the drive to succeed and the willingness to make changes?

Are you open to new ideas and ways of working, even if they feel awkward to start with?

If you've answered "Yes" to each of these questions, then coaching might just be what you need right now. Read on to find out more...

I'm A Personal Productivity Coach With A Track Record Of Helping People Just Like You Take Back Control Of Their Workload



Let me introduce myself.

My name is Michael Tipper and I am the host of the Profit Productivity Podcast.  A daily broadcast recounting my journey developing my own productivity and that of people just like you too. 

My Podcast is an enlightening, honest and frank account of how I have increased my ability to get more done yet still maintain balance in my life

I am the author of 7 books including “Finding An Hour A Day - How To Free Up An Extra 60 Minutes From Your Busy Day…Every Day”.

An award-winning international speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach, I have spent the last 20 years in the people development industry. 

I have personally worked with over 100,000 people across 4 different continents and has written programmes delivered to over 2 million students and young people in the UK and Europe.

I've Worked With Many Of The World's Largest Companies And Organisations Developing Their People

I'm Also In High Demand From The Media, Regularly Appearing On Screen, Online, On Air And In Print

Here Are Some Real Success Stories From People I've Personally Coached To Get More Focused, End Procrastination, Eliminate Distractions And Get Far More Done In Less Time

"I must say I found the coaching experience with Michael Tipper really, really valuable.  It has been really useful to have personal attention on my specific challenges and then be held accountable for my actions to resolve those challenges.    Before I started the coaching with Michael I was very scattered in my focus and the collection and processing of information vital to my role.  This meant I wasted a lot of time and was not productive.  Since working one-on-one with Michael I have far greater clarity on what to focus on and a set of new behaviours that have made me much more productive."

Wim Annerel

"Before I started my productivity coaching sessions with Michael I was frustrated at how easily distracted I was.  I was not calm and felt great unease.  I let email, telephone calls and other interruptions distract me away from my important tasks.  Working with Michael allowed me to understand the cause of those distractions and put in place practical and effective behaviours to deal with them.  As a result I am much more in control of how I use my time and am far more focused on my main thing.  More importantly I am calmer and much more at ease.  My biggest takeaway from the coaching was to focus on installing one small behaviour at a time before moving on to the next.  Following that approach I am now in control of my e mail and I am making my difficult and more complex projects far easier by breaking them down into bite-sized chunks.  I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Michael and if I was to do it all over again, I’d be much more open to his advice and guidance - it works!" 

Kasia K

"As I look back on how things were before I started the productivity coaching with Michael Tipper I realise now just how reactive, unstructured and stressed I was then.   After just a couple of sessions working with Michael I have taken back control of what needs to be done, I have productive structures in place and it feels like I have more time to do the important things.   In terms of comparing my efficiency and effectiveness before the coaching, it’s like the difference between night and day.  I have also welcomed the tailored approach to my specific circumstances by making it personal to me.  Of all the great things that have come out of this coaching, the biggest benefit has been how to successfully deal with the huge volume of e mail so now I'm in control of my inbox."

Ricky Dibble

If I Decide To Accept You As A Coaching Client, Then Here's How It Works!

Step 1 - Comprehensive On-Boarding Process

All relationships need to get off to a good start.  You’ll be given a welcome pack that will include guidance and advice and how to get the best out of the coaching.  We’ll establish the ground rules of what I’ll do for you and what you’ll be expected to do with the advice and guidance I’ll offer.  We’ll get very focused on your outcomes so they are clearly defined which means we’ll be very clear when you’ve achieved them.  If I don’t think this is going to work for either of us, it is at this stage I’ll make that decision so neither of us waste our time.

Step 2 - Detailed Diagnostics - Let's Find Out What Needs Work On

Once we have agreed to work together, we’ll work through a set of diagnostic tools to help understand your exact starting place for the improvements and development goals you have in mind.  We’ll use both subjective and objective measurements to baseline your current situation.  We’ll also work together to identify the potential blocks and obstacles that need to be overcome for you to achieve your objectives for the coaching.

Step 3 - Together We'll Develop A Detailed Plan Of Action For You To Implement

With greater clarity of your end point, a deeper understanding of your starting point and an insight into the challenges that need to be overcome, we’ll be in an excellent position for us to develop a plan for you.  This will be a tailored set of discrete actions and activities put in the most logical and practical order for you to achieve your outcomes.   You’ll have absolute clarity on what it is you need to do and when you need to do it by.

Step 4 - Delivery Of New Knowledge, Skills And Techniques

It’s likely there will be gaps in your skills and knowledge that’ll require filling for you to be able to implement your plan.  Here you’ll be given any relevant training and information necessary for you to work your plan effectively and efficiently.

Step 5 - Having Planned Your Work, It's Now Time For You To Work Your Plan

Here’s where the rubber meets the road and you begin implementing the plan we have worked together to create.  You’ll use the new skills and tools you’ve been given back in the workplace to work towards each successive milestone on your plan until you’ve achieved your goals.

Step 6 - Lean On Your Coach For Accountability, Positive Reinforcement And Further Guidance

Once you are back in the field working your plan, you’re going to get feedback on your efforts.  It is here where they coach is at there most invaluable.  They will hold you to account for you doing what you said you were going to do.  They will help you feel good about the progress you have made by positively reinforcing the behaviours you need to develop to move forward.  They’ll also be able to guide you and help you deal with the inevitable challenges that will arise as you grow into your new abilities and skills.

Step 7 - We Will Repeat Steps 5 and 6 UNTIL You've Achieved Your Desired Outcome

Your success in achieving your outcome is likely to be an iterative approach as you learn and develop.  That means you’ll need to be flexible and adapt your plan as you get more feedback and acquire more insights.  It also means you’ll need to continue getting the support of accountability, positive reinforcement and guidance, especially when things don’t go as you want them to.  It’s during this fine tuning that a coach is worth their weight in gold.

Step 8 - The Final Step - We Celebrate Your Success And It's Time To Part Company

And so the final step is the best one of all – when we celebrate your success.  This is where the effort and the investment of your time is paid back to you and is what makes it all worth it.  There is nothing as sweet as success you’ve defined, planned, worked for and achieved.  And so once you’ve got the result you want, it’s time for us to part because you’ll no longer need me to support you for that goal.

For Every Call We Have Here's What You'll Get

I'll Call You So It Won't Cost You A Penny In Phone Charges

You'll Get Up To 90 Minutes Of My Time - One On One - Just You And Me

You'll Get A Full Mp3 Recording Of The Entire Call Delivered To You Immediately After The Call

I'll Hold You Accountable To Your Commitments

I'll Provide You Positive Reinforcement To Keep You Moving Forward And Stay On Track

You'll Get A Comprehensive Capture And Record Of The Commitments You Make Immediately After The Call

You Will Get A Detailed Breakdown Of Your New Productive Behaviours To Work On Immediately After The Call

If We've Agreed A Project Plan, You'll Get That Sent To You Immediately After The Call

This Means All You've Got To Do Is Turn Up For The Call And I'll Provide You Will ALL The Resources You'll Need To Implement What We Agree You'll Do


Just Call Me On +44(0) 777 553 2612 Now For A Free Strategy Session To See How We Can Work Together To Make You Even More Productive

Here Are The Three Coaching Options You Have When You Work With Me As Your Personal Productivity Coach

Singular Success - 1 x 90 Minute Productivity Coaching Session

This is a one off coaching session and is perfect for creating snapshot plans and dealing with one off issues affecting your productivity.


Three To Thrive - 3 x 90 Minute Coaching Sessions

This option is our most popular choice and balances cost effectiveness, time on task and quality coaching and feedback to achieve your outcomes.


Individual Intensive - 6 x 90 Minute Coaching Sessions

This longer term coaching package is designed to support you in your overall development of your productivity skills.  It will help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace.



Just Call Me On +44(0) 777 553 2612 Now For A Free Strategy Session To See How We Can Work Together To Make You Even More Productive

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to have been coached before for this to work for me?

A. No absolutely not.  You do not need any previous experience of coaching to benefit from working with me.  You’ll be taken step by step through the process and will be given all of the resources you need.

Q. Can you guarantee I'll succeed if you coach me?

A. Absolutely not.  After each session I have no influence over what you do with the commitments you make and the plans we put together.  It is really down to you.  What the coaching will do is give you clarity, hold you accountable, help you solve problems and overcome obstacles in your way and positively reinforce you for the progress you make.  But ultimately it is down to you.

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