"Productivity Training For Busy, Overworked Professionals Who Unwittingly Feel They Can’t Afford The Time To Do Productivity Training"

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It's Likely The Professionals In Your Organisation Have Never Been As Busy, As Overworked And Unfortunately For Some, As Overwhelmed Or As Stressed As They Are Right Now!

The pace of change in the modern day work place is getting faster.  Technological, social, political and even demographic influences are accelerating the rate at which organisations and their employees need to react and adapt.

Whilst we have people with the ability to respond and adjust to the needs of the changing business environment, there are still many factors that cause even the most disciplined and devoted worker to stumble and even struggle.

It's highly likely your people will be dealing with one, some or even all of these problems of the modern day knowledge based work environment:

Struggling With The Huge Volume Of E Mail Traffic

The problem with e mail is getting worse.  Workers on average check their e mail 15 times a day as they receive over 120 e mails daily and then spend over 2.5 hours dealing with them.  Rather than assisting them in their role, the huge volume of e mail is an unwelcome distraction and a huge cause of stress.

Unable To Progress Their Own Work Because Of Endless Rounds Of Unproductive Meetings

According to a Harvard Business Review study of 182 senior managers in a range of industries: 65% said meetings keep them from completing their own work. 71% said meetings are unproductive and inefficient. 64% said meetings come at the expense of deep thinking. 62% said meetings miss opportunities to bring the team closer together.

Difficulty Focusing On Their Priorities Because Of A Constant Stream Of Trivial Distractions

Unfortunately in organisations where employees may have more than one reporting relationship or need to interface with different people from different departments there will be a constant stream of potential distractions from multiple sources.  This means many will struggle to focus on their priority work as they fight off the many interruptions causing a lack of productivity and no end of frustration and heartache.

Constant Procrastination Whilst Faced With Too Many Choices Of Things To Do

Workers today are more stretched than they’ve ever been having to deal with multiple projects and a vast array of things that need to be done.  The pressures of a “no mistake” culture mean many will put off deciding what to focus on for fear of getting it wrong.  And so in the absence of making a decision, they make make a decision not to decide.  As a result procrastination is rife and as well as affecting the organisations productivity, it eats away at the individuals self esteem.

Huge Inefficiencies By Trying To Juggle Multiple Projects And Engage In Multi-Tasking

Individuals often delude themselves (perhaps in an effort to impress others) that if they work on multiple projects at the same time then they are being productive.  Unfortunately the research proves that multi-tasking lowers IQs by 15 points during cognitive tasks and decreases emotional intelligence and brain density over time.  Less quality work is produced, more mistakes are made, and more money is lost (to the tune of $450 million globally according to one study).

Forever Firefighting And Reacting To Problems And Challenges (Often Of Other People's Making)

In an ideal world, everyone would do their job properly.  Things would get done on time with the minimum of fuss.  Any problems would be identified quickly and dealt with quickly.  However low levels of accountability and poor quality work mean the most diligent workers are often left clearing up the mess caused by others, often at a personal cost to themselves.

Routinely Under The Intense Pressure Of Last Minute Efforts To Meet Crucial Deadlines

After spending too much time dealing with the problems created by others, wading through masses of e mail, attending too many poorly run meetings and being routinely distracted by trivia, many workers find deadlines loom far quicker than expected.  The intensity of the effort required and the pressure employees find themselves under to meet these deadlines generates unnecessary stress and emotional strain.

Regularly Working Late Or Routinely Taking Work To Do At Home

With so much to get done to meet the many conflicting deadlines, many find there is just not enough time in the normal working day.  This finds them either working late or routinely taking work to do at home.  Additional stress, the emotional cost to their personal lives and the feeling of unfairness contribute to increasing dissatisfaction among overworked employees.  The number of lawsuits by employees claiming unfair overtime is up 32% since 2008 according to USA Today.

Difficulty Saying No To The Majority Of The Conflicting Demands So They Can't Focus On What's Important

Unfortunately many workers fear taking the simple step that would allow them to cut through relative trivia and unhelpful distractions and allow them to get on with their important tasks.  That is saying “No” to the many conflicting demands.  It is the fear of a career limiting move or the risk of alienating themselves from colleagues.  Either way workers are felt obliged to add additional burdens to their already heavy workload causing additional stress and feeling out of control.

But How Would Things Be If Your People Quickly Developed A Suite Of Highly Productive Behaviours That Increased Their Efficiency AND Effectiveness At Work?

The most productive professionals in a wide range of industries fulfilling important roles at every level stand out from their less effective peers because they regularly display these high performance work behaviours:

They are able to rapidly identify the most important thing that needs doing RIGHT NOW.

They have the discipline and focus to concentrate their efforts on what's most important.

When they start an important task, they focus on it until it's complete before moving on to the next task.

They have tamed the email beast so it works for them rather than being a slave to their inbox

They are very clear on their own objectives and how they feed into meeting the objectives of the organisation

They anticipate problems and put in effective solutions before they are needed.

They set challenging but realistic deadlines and ensure they keep them.

They have the courage to ignore trivial distractions and focus on what's important to the organisation.

They are someone you can ALWAYS count on to get things done on time to a high standard.

They work equally as effectively with others as they do on their own.

They plan their work and work their plan effectively and efficiently.

Learning And Development Is An Answer, But Putting On Training Courses For Your People To Develop These Behaviours Is Not As Straightforward As It Used To Be.

As someone who is passionate about ensuring your people get just the right training for their needs at just the right time, you've probably encountered these problems:

Your People Are Too Busy

Your people claim they’re too busy to attend, even though they desperately need to training to make their lives easier.  If the training is about how they can get more done in less time they are probably not even aware of the irony of that!

Your People Are A Very Demanding Audience

If they do turn up, they’re a demanding and sometimes difficult audience who don’t want academic based theories that look good in the text books but are difficult to implement.  They also want a strong and confident instructor to guide their thinking, not someone who’ll buckle under the robust, real world challenges your people will throw at them.

Training Delivered By Trainers And Not Experts Or Specialists In Their Field

Too often training done by a professional “trainer” with shallow and superficial understanding of relevant knowledge beyond the session curriculum can’t help with the wide range of relevant challenges your people have to face.  This means many busy people find such training a complete waste of time.

Skills And Knowledge Gained Through Training Is Not Applied Back In The Workplace

When they leave the training room, that’s probably the last time they’ll look at their notes (Research shows less than 12% of learners apply the skills from training to their job.)  Training like this has little if any ROI because the participants are not guided on how to apply and benefit from what they’ve learned.

(Rightly So) You and Your People Detest "Death By PowerPoint"

Your people are tired with “Death by Powerpoint”sessions delivered by uninspiring instructors who turn away from the audience to face the screen and use their slides as a script.  Faced with too many of these sessions, your people will give up on any training they’re offered because they’ll think all training is like that. (Sadly, it’s a rare individual who can light up a training room and engage an audience).

Unfortunately, If You've Arranged A "Typical Course" With All The Old Problems, Your People Are Going To Blame YOU When It Fails To Make The Grade!

It's a sad fact of L&D life that even though you haven't delivered the training and you arranged it in good faith, your people will blame you for it not working.

Delegates on the training will give you a hard time about the quality of the training.

Line Managers will send you snotty e mails about wasting their people's time which could have been better used by the business.

Management will question the lack of ROI on training that didn't hit the mark.

Under all this criticism you'll start to question your own judgement on these matters.

However, If You're Responsible For The Growth Of Hardworking Professionals Who Struggle To Find The Time For The Learning & Development You Carefully Craft For Them, Then You're Going To Love This!

"I was so impressed with the format that I told our HR department all training should be done this way."

Maria L'Episcopo, Project Manager, NATO Headquarters

Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits Of Attending "The Power Of Focus" Professional Productivity Seminar

Understand why you procrastinate and what you can do about it so you always get on with the important tasks, even when you don’t want to.

Discover why you are so prone to distractions and how to avoid them so you ALWAYS stay focused on the important things that need to get done.

How to simply and quickly switch the development of your productivity skills from just knowing what to do, to actually doing them.

Take away a proven behavioural development system that’ll rapidly install new productive behaviours permanently.

Learn the difference between the power of making small changes and the illusion of trying to take giant leaps in your development (you’ll be surprised at which works better).

How to make the simple mindset shift that’ll move you from avoiding obstacles and challenges to embracing and mastering them to make you ultra-productive.

Revealed – the simple 7 step process for successfully setting and achieving your productive behaviour objectives so your subconscious mind is primed to make them happen automatically.

Why getting a right answer to a problem the first time might be the worst thing for you and how you can turn failure into your friend when it comes to finding solutions to your most pressing work problems.

Discover how your instinctive emotional (and much faster) brain drives your behaviour and how you can harness it to achieve the goals and objectives set by your weaker (and far slower) thinking brain.

Understand how your brain chemistry works against you becoming productive and what changes you can make in how you do things to have it work for you.

How to ethically reduce what’s on your to do list without reducing your effectiveness in your role.

The simple rule discovered by an Italian pea farmer that will reduce your workload but massively increase your productivity.

Three practical strategies to have you achieve much more by doing much less.

The three home truths of making things happen at work that everyone knows but so few apply.

The scientifically proven method for taking breaks so you replenish your energy exactly when you need to so you can keep working all day long if you want to.

Learn why time management courses don’t work and what you can do instead to accelerate your growth in workplace efficiency and effectiveness and separate yourself from your less productive peers.

The top 12 personal productivity strategies of all time gleaned from over 60 of the best productivity gurus that will supercharge the actions you take, sharpen your focus to laser like levels and guide you to even higher levels of workplace peak performance.

The one question to ask yourself who’s answer will cut through everything on your to do list and zoom into EXACTLY the thing you ABSOLUTELY must focus on with the accuracy of a laser guided missile.

Revealed and proved in real time – the myth of multi-tasking – why the appearance of busy-ness through juggling multiple projects is harming you AND your organisation.

A simple exercise that provides all the evidence you’ll ever need about just how productive you already are (the results of this NEVER lie!).

Why working longer hours actually harms your productivity, increases the number of mistakes you make and raises your stress levels significantly.

"I have applied your strategies for dealing with e mail and am already seeing efficiencies that are saving me a considerable amount of time."  

Wim Annerel

Certified Personal & Business Coach (Belgium)

Listen To Wim's Full Testimonial

"This seminar was professionally delivered and contained many useful and practical strategies that will help me become more productive."  

Ricky Dibble  

Station Commander, Scottish Fire & Rescue

Listen To Ricky's Full Testimonial

"I was both stimulated and challenged by the content and am already seeing the results of changing my behaviours."               

Lee Webster

EMEA Business Manger, MFS Investment

Listen To Lee's Full Testimonial

Here's The Interactive Journey Your People Will Take When They Attend The Power Of Focus

STEP 1 - An online video introduces them to the journey they'll take and briefs them on the optional pre-work

STEP 2 - Participants do the (very easy) optional pre-work in readiness for the live workshop

STEP 3 - Participants attend the interactive and engaging live 1/2 day workshop with Michael

STEP 4 - Follow On Webinar #1 - How To Achieve More By Doing Less

STEP 5 - Follow On Webinar #2 - Mastering The Problems Of E Mail

STEP 6 - Follow On Webinar #3 - Effective And Efficient Energy Flow

STEP 7 - Follow On Webinar #4 - Getting The Best Out Of Others

"I was very impressed by his ability to gain and hold the attention of such a demanding audience."

Frédéric André

Mekitapen Learning & Development

"I was so impressed with the format that I told our HR department all training should be done this way."

Maria L'Episcopo

Project Manager, NATO

Listen To Maria's Full Testimonial

"The Power of Focus seminar was engaging, at times entertaining and a valuable use of my time."

Kasia K


Here Are 5 Reasons That Make The Power Of Focus Experience PERFECT For Busy People

An Interactive & Engaging Workshop That Lasts Just 4 Hours And Not A PowerPoint Slide In Sight!

Even the busiest professional can find a four hour slot in the most hectic of schedules (and those that can’t probably need the Power Of Focus more than they realise).  Attend this practical workshop in the morning and begin applying the tools for even greater levels of productivity in the afternoon for IMMEDIATE benefit.  This workshop is delivered using colourful, content rich flip charts drawn in real time to adapt to the specific needs of the audience.

An Experience Designed With The Learning Brain In Mind

This workshop has been designed with the latest developments in peripheral, flipped and accelerated learning in mind.  A brain friendly interactive learning environment is created so you naturally absorb the information shared.  This will make it long lasting in your memory and easier to apply and benefit from.  It draws on the facilitators experience of developing accelerated learning programmes delivered to over 2 million young people.

You Will Walk Away With A Robust Framework To Install New Productive Behaviours BY CHOICE!

During the four hour workshop you will be taken step by step through a proven framework to be able to take ANY productive habit of YOUR choosing and install it into your subconscious so it becomes AUTOMATIC.  You can then choose which habits YOU want to install to meet the demands of YOUR workload.

The Convenience Of FOUR 30 Minute Top Up Webinars To Add To The Momentum Of Your Post-Workshop Development

Spread out over 30 -45 days after the workshop, you will be given the opportunity to attend four top up webinars.  These will provide you with a further 103 productive behaviours for you to add into your Framework of Focus.  These behaviours cover how to get more done by doing less, managing and dealing with email overload, harnessing your energy for maximum productivity and getting the most out of others.  You can attend them broadcast live OR watch the replay at your convenience.  This will allow you to steadily introduce new productive behaviours into your repertoire over a longer period of time.

Delivered By A Productivity Specialist (Geek!) With Over 20 Years Experience Of Working With Live Audiences

You are in safe hands with Michael Tipper, a self-confessed productivity geek who has been developing people in the live delivery format for over 20 years.  An experienced manager and leader in his own right, Michael will bring real world examples and stories to illustrate the points made during the Power of Focus.   He also has the strength and courage to challenge “conventional”thinking around productivity and open up the door to the new productivity possibilities of the latest research in neuroscience and performance psychology.

"I cannot emphasise how much we enjoyed working with you and hope there are many opportunities to do so in the future. Thank you."

Graeme Wilkinson

Director Avanti Learning Consultancy Ltd

"I am delighted to say the response from our members has been overwhelming."

Paul Bridle

CEO Excellence Squared Academy

"Michael's session was the first time in a very long time that I’ve stayed in the room for an entire seminar."

Mark Jesty

EX-2 Toronto

Michael Tipper Is Highly Successful In Helping People Become More Productive




Michael Tipper is the host of the Profit Productivity Podcast.  A daily broadcast recounting his journey developing his own productivity and that of others too. 

It is an enlightening, honest and frank account of how he has increased his ability to get more done yet still maintain balance in his life

He is the author of 7 books including “Finding An Hour A Day - How To Free Up An Extra 60 Minutes From Your Busy Day…Every Day”.

An award-winning international speaker, trainer, facilitator and coach, he has spent the last 20 years in the people development industry. 

He has personally worked with over 100,000 people across 4 different continents and has written programmes delivered to over 2 million students and young people in the UK and Europe.

Michael Tipper Is Highly Successful In Helping People Become More Productive

Michael Is Also In High Demand From The Media And Is A Start Of Screen And Print

"Excellent feedback on the quality of Michael’s delivery and the value and relevance of his content"

Bernard Berkein

Effi-Drive Smart Telematics

Here's What's Included When You Invest In The Power Of Focus Experience For Busy Professionals In Your Organisation

Welcome Video To Introduce Participants To Their Power Of Focus Journey

In the 10 days before attending the live workshop, participants will watch this short 5 minute video to understand how to prepare effectively and get the most out of the valuable time they will be investing in their own productivity development.

Live Workshop Preparation Resources (Downloadable)

After watching the welcome video, participants will be given the option to download resources to guide their preparation for the live workshop.  This preparation is not mandatory and it doesn’t matter whether participants do it or not.  The live workshop is designed so that either outcome informs the conduct of the live delivery.

The Live Interactive And Highly Engaging 4 Hour Power Of Focus Workshop

This face to face experience with Michael Tipper will form the foundation for the development of new productive behaviours over the course of the Power Of Focus experience.  It is interactive and highly engaging and delivered using colourful and content rich flip charts drawn in real time.

A Full Colour Workshop Reference Manual And Content Summary (Downloadable)

Participants will be provided with a full summary of the workshop contents for use as a valuable reference source after the event.  It will contain full details of Michael’s signature Productivity Improvement Operating System together with the 12 fundamental productivity behaviours covering the realms of Action, Focus and Elite Performance.

Follow On Webinar #1 - How To Achieve More By Doing Less

The first webinar explores the principles and strategies necessary to sharpen the focus onto doing the most important things instead of doing EVERYTHING.  It explains how to reduce overwhelm and leverage work choices to get the maximum results with the minimum of effort.

Follow On Webinar #2 - Mastering The Problems Of Email

This groundbreaking webinar looks at the problems of an overloaded email inbox and presents practical solutions to reduce the burden of an excessive amount of e mail traffic.  It looks at a range of solutions to minimise the amount of e mail read and lessen the distracting influence email has.  It also shows you how to help others consume your e mail more efficiently and effectively so email from you is more likely to be actioned by others.

Follow On Webinar #3 - Efficient And Effective Energy Flow

This popular webinar looks at how we can get into a flow state so our work becomes effortless.  It also looks at what we can do to maximise the energy we have and harness it most effectively to bring more of ourselves to our work when we most need it.  Simple, yet extremely powerful.

Follow On Webinar #4 - Getting The Best Out Of Others

No man (or woman) is an island and the workplace requires us to interface with others more than ever.  Being able to create good relationships with those you work with and develop their intention to help you when you need it is a key skill to master to help you be even more productive.  In this webinar you are shown how to effectively leverage the energy of others in a way that has them WANT to do things for you.

Bonus Resources - Pre-Written E Mails & Internal Communication Collateral

To help you, the coordinator of the activities to put on The Power Of Focus Workshop for the people in your organisation, you will also get a series of pre-written emails to promote the workshop and the follow on webinars.  In addition you’ll also receive communications resources to help promote the workshop to your colleagues who attend and their line management.   It is literally a plug and play system for you.  Click Here to see the resources you’ll get.

Here's What To Do Next...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the Power Of Focus Experience Ideally Suited For?

A. It would be a bold claim to say everyone would benefit from improving their productivity.  Anyone involved in knowledge work and the need to interact with others will find the experience invaluable.  However, this workshop is ideally suited for busy people who are key influencers in your organisation.

Q. Do participants have to attend the live broadcast of the webinars?

A. The Power Of Focus experience is designed to give busy people the opportunity and flexibility to fit professional development into their schedules without affecting their current momentum.  Each webinar will have up to 2 additional replay broadcast options to give participants the choice of when to listen in and benefit from the additional training.

Q. What is a typical timetable for the Power of Focus Live Workshop?

A. The Power Of Focus Live Workshop is a four hour session (including a coffee break) that runs from 9.00am-1.00pm.  We have found that morning sessions yield the best results as participants can begin applying what they’ve learnt in the afternoon.  Afternoon sessions have a higher incidence of no shows as people invariably get “caught up” with work issues that emerge during the morning.

Q. How Many People Can You Work With At Any One Time?

A. The live workshop is best suited for audiences of up to 18 to allow time for individual questions to be addressed and for appropriate levels of tutor interaction and feedback during the session.  However the follow on webinar series can accommodate up to 100 people per broadcast supporting the delegates from up to five live workshops at a time.

Q. What in-house facilities are required to host a Power Of Focus Workshop

A. When you book a Power Of Focus Workshop, you will be sent a comprehensive list of what is required.  However in summary, all that is needed is a large training room that can seat three tables of 6 people (assuming  the maximum of 18 people are attending) and 2 sturdy flip chart easels and pads.  Michael will bring everything else that is needed.

Here Are The Full Testimonials From Just Some Of The Professionals Who've Attended The Power Of Focus Seminar




Listen To Maria's Power Of Focus Testimonial

“My name is Maria L’Episcopo and I attended Michael Tipper’s Power Of Focus seminar when he came to Brussels recently. I work at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

I decided to attend because I always found myself staying at work longer than I'd intended to. This was causing pressure for me at home, especially as I have a young baby and so it was important for me to make some changes in how I work.

I loved the format of the Power Of Focus seminar. Half a day of live, face to face contact with Michael meant I could fit it into my busy schedule. Having the follow on webinars spread over the four weeks after the live event drip fed really valuable information to me in bite-sized chunks making it easy to apply and benefit from.

I was so impressed with the format that I told our HR department all training should be done this way.

I am pleased to say I now feel much more focused and in control of my workload and am now regularly going home on time and still managing to stay on top of things.”




Listen To Ricky's Power Of Focus Testimonial

"I attended your Power of Focus Seminar in Edinburgh recently and was really impressed by how you tied together relevant strands from conventional “time management”, performance psychology, neuroscience in a way that made complete sense to me. 

I really liked your Productivity Improvement Operating System and that will allow me to take the behaviour shifts you recommend and implement them into my own working practices.  Perhaps the biggest penny dropping moment for me from what you shared was helping me gain clarity on what my Main Thing is. 

Overall I thought the Power oF Focus seminar was professionally delivered and contained many useful and practical strategies that will help me become more productive."



Listen To Wim's Power Of Focus Feedback

"I attended Michael's excellent Power of Focus Seminar in Brussels recently and I was also online for the series of supporting webinars that followed. There were two main things that stood out for me.

The first was the power of how Michael framed productive behaviours so they could be developed as long term habits. The second was the three powerful strategies Michael gave to reduce the massive number of things on my to do list down to just the important ones so I can stay focused and productive.

I have also applied Michael's strategies for dealing with email and I'm already seeing efficiencies that are saving me a considerable amount of time. Overall I have enjoyed the Power of Focus experience but more importantly I have benefitted from what I have applied."





Listen To Lee's Power Of Focus Testimonial

"After recently returning to work after having my second child, I felt the need to improve my productivity and so was delighted to attend Michael's recent Power of Focus Seminar in London.  I found the seminar extremely enlightening.  In particular the seminar helped me realise how much time I've been wasting by multi-tasking when I had previously always thought it was a useful way to approach work.

I was particularly impressed with Michael's tips on taming the e mail beast.  My company has an extremely high volume of e mail traffic and a culture of quick response and  I have implemented many of the strategies Michael recommended and they’ve been very helpful.  After listening to him talk about the importance of the Main Thing, I realised I was not clear on what mine was and so I could see a huge impact of that on my productivity.  I have been able to block out more of my time on important tasks and have educated my team on keeping me accountable for sticking with those blocks.

Overall I enjoyed the Power of Focus Seminar, was both stimulated and challenged by the content and am already seeing the results of changing my behaviours thanks to Michael."



"Attending your Power Of Focus Seminar in Amsterdam recently was a huge eye opener for me.    After listening to you I went back and applied just a handful of the many things you shared and already, I am much more focused and have created far more effective plans for the achievement of my goals. 

Even after getting back to work, your suggestions made me aware of just how distracted and inefficient I had been despite putting tons of effort in.  I can remember saying “Oh My God! This is Terrible” once I realised just how bad things were. 

But having attended your Power of Focus Seminar I now have your Productivity Improvement Operating System (which I think is great by the way) to continually make small and manageable changes to ramp up  my efficiency and effectiveness on a daily basis.  And already I am seeing tangible improvements. 

Overall I thought the Power of Focus seminar was engaging, at times entertaining and a valuable use of my time."

Here Are The Full Testimonials From The Organisers Who've Chosen To Run The Power Of Focus Seminar For Their People



"I have known Michael professionally for over 20 years and have always been impressed with his professionalism, passion, energy and enthusiasm as well as his in depth knowledge and understanding of his areas of expertise. 

It was for those reasons I invited him to work with The Excellence Squared Academy to help our members deal with their most pressing problem - trying to stay focused in such a distracting and distracted world. 

I was looking for a fresh approach to bring new ideas to a busy and demanding audience.  Michael embraced the challenge, worked with us with new ideas and approaches and developed an outstanding live seminar and a series of supporting follow on webinars.  

I am delighted to say the response from our members has been overwhelming.  Not only did they find the approach we took convenient to their busy work lives, but they found Michael engaging, entertaining but more importantly, full of practical behaviours they could instantly apply. 

The most telling metric for me has been the feedback I have personally received about how participants have gone on to apply and benefit from what Michael shared.  

I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Michael."




"Michael, what a delight it was to host your outstanding Seminar: The Power of Focus to our audience of Excellence Squared Academy Members and guests in Edinburgh, yesterday.

The feedback was exceptional. The attendees loved not just the powerful and readily applicable learning points, but your energy, wholly appropriate humour and your encouraging and welcoming challenge and interaction.

From a logistic perspective, your pre event communication could not be bettered. I knew from your call to me, the passion you were going to have for delivering a quality work event to our demanding audience.

I cannot emphasise how much we enjoyed working with you and hope there are many opportunities to do so in the future. Thank you."





"Michael came and delivered his excellent Power of Focus Seminar to a select group of my clients in Paris recently.  I was very impressed by his energy, enthusiasm and passion for his subject but also with his ability to gain and hold the attention of such a demanding audience.  

It is extremely rare to see a subject matter expert deliver such a practical, valuable and engaging live seminar without the use of powerpoint.  I was just as impressed with his ability to engage an audience and deliver valuable content in the follow up webinars.  

His advice was backed up by research and experiential activities  but more importantly, it was practical.  

Already I have booked Michael to come back and work with more of my clients later this year."



"I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days with Michael Tipper recently when he delivered his Power of Focus Seminar to clients in Brussels and Amsterdam.  

Comments from both groups were extremely positive with excellent feedback on the quality of Michael’s delivery and the value and relevance of his content.  

As well as being very engaging, it is clear Michael walks his talk (as can be seen on his podcast) and clearly understands how to share his experiences and help others practically apply and benefit from his advice.  

It was most refreshing to see just how engaging a presentation delivered just using colourful and well drawn flip charts can be."

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