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Which of these modern day workplace challenges is causing you the most grief right now?

Everyday Workplace Challenges We All Face

Struggling with a huge volume of e mail traffic?

Unable to progress important work because of endless rounds of unproductive meetings?

Difficulty focusing on your priorities because of a constant stream of trivial distractions?

Forever fire fighting & reacting to problems and challenges, often of other people’s making?

Routinely under the intense pressure of last minute efforts to meet crucial deadlines?

Regularly working late or routinely taking work to do at home?

A constant battle with procrastination because of too much choice of things to do?

If just one of those challenges resonated with you, then you’re not alone.

You’ll be relieved to know answers to all of those challenges can be found in this development opportunity for you:

A Potential Solution For You...

The Power Of Focus Experience

How To Get More Of The Right Things Done By Working Smarter Not Harder

Unique professional development designed to neatly and easily fit into the busy-ness of your hectic days.

An interactive, engaging and thought provoking 4 hour morning session, packed full of expert tools, tips and techniques you’ll be able to apply that very afternoon - designed with the learning brain in mind and not a powerpoint slide in sight!

The convenience of FOUR 30 minute top up webinars spread out over the 4 weeks following the live event to help you consolidate and embed your new skills (replays available on demand).

Direct access to an experienced productivity expert, the author of 7 books with numerous TV/Radio appearances, who’s been developing people in the live delivery format across 4 continents for over 20 years.

Contact The Person Who Sent You To This Video To Express Your Interest In Attending

"I was so impressed with the format that I told our HR department all training should be done this way."

Maria L'Episcopo, Project Manager, NATO Headquarters

Listen to Maria's full audio testimonial here.

"I have applied your strategies for dealing with e mail and am already seeing efficiencies that are saving me a considerable amount of time."  

Wim Annerel

Certified Personal & Business Coach (Belgium)

Listen to Wim's full audio testimonial here.  

"This seminar was professionally delivered and contained many useful and practical strategies that will help me become more productive."  

Ricky Dibble  

Station Commander, Scottish Fire & Rescue  

Listen to Ricky's full audio testimonial here.